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If you are looking for perfect here you aren't going to find it :)

This blog explores choosing real, being vulnerable, and being honest about the Christian walk, specifically my Christian walk. This is the place I share my experiences with God, the good times, the bad times, and how God has responded through it all. My passion is for people to know that the Christian walk is not easy, but man is it WORTH it. My purpose is to bring more women closer to God, to find healing in being vulnerable, and encouragement in the storms of life. It's in our vulnerability that our hearts are healed and you realize you are not alone. Not only am I going to be sharing my experiences with you all but also opening myself up to any conversations or questions that you might have. I am here to provide encouragement, resources, and a listening ear to all who need it so don't be afraid to click on the contact section and reach out to me! I pray that everyone who comes across this blogs finds the healing their hearts long for and the relationship with God their souls long for. Without further adieu let's get into the good, the bad, and the Godly!

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Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration. Encouragement

My name is Caitlin Myers I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a dog mom (children to come later) to two wonderful dogs. I am a Registered Nurse here in the state of Oklahoma where I reside. I also have a bachelor's degree in Bible Theology and Pastoral Care. My passion is caring for all who need care whether it is spiritual, physical, or emotional. Since my Theology degree, I had a great knowledge of God and the Christian Life and accepted Jesus as my savior in April of 2017, but it wasn't until April of 2022 that I accepted Jesus as a life-long friend. My knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit only got me so far, I could still feel my soul longing for something more when I realized there was no pursuit after Jesus that accompanied my knowledge. When this was revealed to me and I started my full pursuit after Jesus man has my life CHANGED.  It's in my pursuit that I write all the things I do so that you can see God as good, Jesus as a friend, and the Holy Spirit as a Helper. So buckle up and enjoy the bumpy roads of my Jesus pursuit.

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